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     Genesis Ragnarok runs by selling items. Total operating costs monthly are not cheap, especially for the high quality equipment and bandwidth we employ, and the only revenue sources are below. We don't use advertisements because they are annoying, so in part, by selling items, you're keeping ads off of your computer screen. Second, for your willingness to support Genesis Ragnarok financially, we offer ingame rewards.

» 1. Buying items are not refundable in any way at all.
» 2. Please be reminded that in this way, you are helping Genesis Ragnarok to be alive.
» 3. You are not forced to buy items; it is your own choice.
» 4. Once you buy, you are much appreciated for helping this server but when you break a rule, you'd still be vulnerable enough to get sanctioned accordingly.
» 5. We will not be responsible if any funds are lost due to hack or scam. It is your own responsibility.
» 6. No item refining nor special items will be given (for balancing purposes) other than the list provided below.
» 7. All the information you share with us are treated confidential.

₱250.00 PHP Peso / $5.00 USD Dollar

Process within 24 hours or less

₱50.00 PHP Peso / $1.00 USD Dollar
= 1 Diamond(s).

₱50.00 PHP Peso / $1.00 USD Dollar
= 2500 Credit Points.


Peso Rates Dollar Rates Credit Points Bonus Points
₱250.00 PHP $5.00 USD 12500 None
₱500.00 PHP $10.00 USD 25000 None
₱1,000.00 PHP $20.00 USD 50000 None
₱2,500.00 PHP $50.00 USD 125000 None
₱5,000.00 PHP $100.00 USD 250000 None
₱10,000.00 PHP $200.00 USD 500000 None

How to Use Diamonds?: click here to purchase

HOW TO SEND A PAYMENT? (click the image below to expand and close)

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